Rooftops And Side Glances: Randy Beth drops much-awaited 3rd single kaleidoscope

Hearing those sweet words that she had craved throughout those lonely days, Randy Beth shows us into that ear-opening story abut meeting someone who spontaneously changed everything forever on her 3rd release called kaleidoscope.

Randy Beth is a New York, USA-based indie RnB singer-songwriter who sings with that authentically classy style that you are born with as it’s almost impossible to teach.

After dealing with so many missed connections and pesky dissatisfactions which can shape your perspective forever, Randy Beth brushes off all previous disappointments like a rising Queen and performs with such luscious purpose on kaleidoscope.

Mending our cold ears and putting a blanket over our shaking bodies, Randy Beth has made a modern classic here which so many lost souls will certainly relate to.

kaleidoscope from New York, USA-based indie RnB singer-songwriter Randy Beth is such a sweet song from an artist who performs with that silky tone that causes the hairs on your arms to stand up to. Elegant and descriptive to the max, this is a terrific release which might cause you to drift off into a much-needed dreamy state of affairs.

Leading us in by the hand to that moment which many of us have felt in our lives, soothing all our worries away like so many rare goddesses do.

Listen up on Spotify and see more vibes on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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