Ronbon – Team on Fire: The Artist Using Trap to Drive R&B into the 21st Century

When a vocals hit you like a punch to the throat with the level of passion and emotivity which has been poured into a single, you know you have just stumbled across an exceptional artist.

Which is just what happened when I hit play on RonBon’s latest single “Team on Fire”. The R&B & Soul artist has an arrestive prodigal approach to R&B, but I’m sure that fans of 90s R&B will still come to appreciate the sheer level of visceral romanticised pain which has been poured into Team on Fire.

With the distinctively raw vocals resting on a platform of smoothly rhythmic Trap with plenty of reverb flowing from the synth there isn’t a sweeter soundscape to slip into whilst being pierced by the perceptible levels of emotion in the lyrics.

You can check out RonBon’s latest single Team on Fire for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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