Rome – 4get: Sentimentally Soulful RnB Hip Hop

If you hold any preconceptions about the Chicago Rap scene, prepare to throw them out of the window after you hit play on music from breaking RnB Hip Hop artist Rome.

Since they made their debut in 2017, Rome has been responsible for the creation of plenty of urban aural alchemy. Yet, the perfect introduction to their sentimentally soulful songwriting style is “4get”.

There may be plenty of melancholy in 4get. But Rome was able to infuse fractures of optimism within the instrumental melodies which offset the plaintive emotion which comes as a courtesy from the softly versed vocals and the humble introspection found in the lyrics. If you want to check if your soul still works, press play.

You can check out Rome’s standout single 4get for yourselves via Spotify where you’ll also be able to find their more recent releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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