Road Man – Midnight Hour: Reggae Blues for Political End Times

Kick off a track with the same haunting atmospherics as the Specials iconic single “Ghost Town” and you’ve got our attention. The sentiment behind Road Man’s (AKA Jon Petronzio) latest single “Midnight Hour” also carries the same immersive sense of destitution as Ghost Town. Yet, the distinction comes in the form of the Blues rhythm’s feeding into the vibrancy of the Reggae elements.

The political narrative of the resoundingly compelling single runs you through a stellar work of existentialism to the sound of Reggae Ska Funk which was intellectually orchestrated by the Folk Singer Songwriter.

Thanks to the Soulful instrumental arrangement and charismatic lyrical delivery with Midnight Hour it’s hard not to let the overwhelmingly sonorous soundscape to leave you completely mesmerised.

There’s an infinite amount of solace found in the fact that in our times of global disparity there are artists such as Road Man able to shine a light through the injustice and uncertainty.

Blow the cobwebs off your speakers and check out Midnight Hour for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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