Rielle – Can’t Do This: Empoweringly All-Consuming RnB Pop

Right from the first few notes in RnB artist Rielle’s latest single “Can’t Do This”, you brace yourself to thrown into a hard-hitting melancholic single.

But what the prelude doesn’t prepare you for is the all-consuming nature of the chorus which allows Can’t Do This to stand as the ultimate testament to Rielle’s ability to orchestrate resonantly raw RnB Pop hits.

Even though the track title sounds fairly defeatist, Can’t Do This is irrefutably one of the most empowering RnB Pop singles we’ve heard in quite some time. The resonance isn’t hard to find in the lyrics, especially if you’ve ever had your self-esteem shattered by someone too blind to see your worth in the first place. There may not be many vocal melodies which can compel you to join in on the chorus before you’ve even learnt the lyrics to a track, Rielle has audibly made up for the shortfall with Can’t Do This.

You can check out Rielle’s single Can’t Do This for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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