Rick van Meijel – The Spark: A Tentatively Euphoric Orchestration of Perceptible Passion

Rick van Meijel’s latest single The Spark isn’t something you listen to, it’s not just vibrations that your eardrums collide with, it’s an experience that takes you to an almost transcendental level. The instrumental orchestration sits somewhere between Industrial Rock, Neo Classical and electronica. If film soundtracks took acid, the end result would sound a little like the Spark. Swathes of synth progressively thrash through the track accompanied by a bassline which sounds like it has a heartbeat of its own. The amount of energy and emotion written into this composition isn’t easily ignored, even though there are no lyrics, it’s still palpable through the torrent of sound depicting a perceptibly passionate orchestration filled with tentative euphoria. Rick van Meijel’s electronica music is just another example that everything is a little better in the Netherlands.

You can check out Rick van Meijel’s latest single The Spark on YouTube, make sure to subscribe for the drop of the debut EP ‘Reliving’ which will be out June 8th.

For more music & info on Meijel’s upcoming release head on over to his official website and yes, each track is just as compelling as the last.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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