Rick van Meijel – Higher Frequencies: A One-Way Ticket to Transcendence

Netherlands-based artist Rick van Meijel’s own brand of electronica is an aural delight that no matter synth lines you’ve been lost in, I can guarantee you won’t have heard the like of before.

The distinctively textured elements in the soundscape to his latest single “Higher Frequencies” serve to funnel visceral emotion into the airwaves making sure that there’s no room for sterility in his sound. Through the utilisation of a number of different genres, you truly get the sense that Higher Frequencies is an exploration of sound which dares to go beyond where Indie artists have dared to travel before.

Many people still see EDM as an unfathomable genre with little accessibility, yet with Rick van Meijel’s ability to weave a tantalisingly immersive instrumental mix, it won’t be all too long before you are wrapped up in the seamless ebbs and flows of the sonically-driven sound.

You can check out Higher Frequencies for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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