Rick Cedana ft. Nasrene – Gold: The EDM Collaboration of the Summer

I’m calling it, it will be a crime against humanity if Rick Cedana and Nasrene call it quits on their collaboration after the release of their single Gold.

The beat behind the Electro Pop hit is absolutely flawless and Nasrene’s vocals are just the cherry on the cake around the veraciously lush swirls of synth which are dripping with sweet reverb. The drops which lead up to the chorus are sure to make you appreciate Rick Cedana’s deft talents as an EDM artist. Any fans of Avicii, Tame Impala and Ellie Goulding are sure to appreciate the aural alchemy that the two recording artists have cooked up. Usually, when you’re treated to such a solid beat the lyricism is barely up to scratch, but it’s safe to say that isn’t an issue with Gold. The track contains the perfect amount of infectious bitter-sweet romanticism

You can check out the official video to Gold out for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now. I’d do it now, before It goes viral and you’re the last one to check out one of the most stunning Electro Pop songs of the Summer.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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