Richie Ravello – Cold Juice: As Filthy as EDM Electro Pop Gets

Where has Richie Ravello been hiding for all these years with their ability to create piercingly pioneering Electro Pop?! I was beginning to become under the impression that monotony is the only thing that Electro Pop had to offer. Yet with her single Cold Juice which was released back in 2017 Richie Ravello took the contemporarily archetypal sound and threw in some friendly 80’s synth that bring an immediate accessibility to the genre. And there’s plenty of texture left in the EDM beat to get fully immersed in electro firing of the drum machines around the chaotic counterbalance of digital effects. It’s not all too often that I find myself thrilled to be faced with an extended duration track, but my God, you never want Cold Juice to end as the EDM beats take full control over the mix and provide some of the best dancefloor beats I’ve heard created by an Electro Pop artist. You can expect a myriad of muddy drops thanks to the clouds of dub that float above the synth.

You can check out Richie Ravello’s single Cold Juice for yourself by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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