Richard Fordham – Ho!: Quintessentially British Chap Hop

If Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer got his hands on some synthesisers, I’m fairly sure the soundscape would end up a little like Richard Fordham’s latest single “HO!”. Yet, with so many textured layers of harmony and experimental prodigal flair, there’s much to unravel in his latest release. Around the synths, you can expect to hear the sonic drive of the Rock instrumental arrangements which weave around the brass creating an eclectically playful beat. Yet, the main focus to the single is on Richard Fordham’s delectably ingenious lyricism and delivery. Whilst I’m certain he could have held his lyrical own, for Ho! he teamed up with the arrestingly talented vocalist Isadora who adds so much Soul in contrast to the novel charm of Richard Fordham’s gentrified Hip Hop.

To truly understand the quintessentially charming single, you’re really going to have to check it out for yourselves. So, head over to Spotify and prepare to hear some of the most British Hip Hop you’ve experienced.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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