Rian Music- I’m the One: Mysterious, distorted yet infectious

Rian Music has released the latest single ‘’I’m the One’’. Pop and RnB intertwine to create this strange yet insanely catchy track.

The instrumentation has this infectious rhythm that stands out in the background, with the use of a clicking effect, and the loud and hard-hitting drum beats, the sound effects used to create the melody is impressive in itself, the beat and the way in which the vocals collide alongside it is excellent.

Throughout you begin to hear this strong, clear female vocal that takes it into a more acapella style, as her humming begins to sway in and out of the whole track, to give it this more relaxing and zen style. But then you’re taken back again to the high energy vocals and melody that gives it that RnB and Pop sound.

You can check out Rian Music’s new release by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

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