Rhyan Besco – Naked ft. Diamond White: Artfully Experimental Alt Hip Hop

Any fans of John Grant are definitely going to want to check out Rhyan Besco’s offering of Alternative Hip Hop “Naked” ft Diamond White.

Naked is just one of the singles to feature on the up and coming recording artist’s latest album “The Thoughts That Haunt Me While Dreaming of You”, as you can guess by that title, they certainly aren’t your average Hip Hop artist. The downtempo single pours salacious vibes onto the airwaves in a way which I’m fairly sure has never been done before. All too often tracks which centre around sex register as disastrously crass, but with Rhyan Besco’s single resonates as artful, intellectual, and playfully sardonic. The ingenuity behind Naked certainly hasn’t been lost on us, especially considering the vocals from female Rap artist Diamond White which pours attitude into the soundscape.

You can check out Rhyan Besco’s single Naked along with the rest of their album for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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