Renzo – Just Chill Man!

If dance and pop music is known for being sharp edged, up front and in your face, in musical terms confrontational in its use of recurring hooks and infectious gimmickry to make its point, some times it is happy to take some time out. Renzo sits somewhere between the two camps being lyrically forward but making music which sits in a central space occupied by ambient rap, wind down  dance music, chill out vibes and futuristic soul.

Here the music exposes its soul infused origins and its ability to think outside the box through its ambient tones and hypnotic grooves, its spacious percussion and more reserved use of bass line and beat. It also does away with crescendos and drops, preferring to just gently motor along in its comfortable, hypnotic and relaxing way. This is chill out music at its finest, but for all its dance sophistication, cool jazz-vibe sensitivity and musical understatement it is also music that will fill the dance floor with sultry slow movers and groovers in no time at all. Chill out music with teeth!

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