RenattaJane – London style

Bloke rock! That’s the term I reckon. From The Who to The Jam and from The Sweeney to The Streets, young, restless lads with an eye to fashion, coolness and musical history have picked up instruments and told us about their lives and surroundings. Renatta Jane is just the latest torch beareret al. of that well established timeline. But whereas some try to shock with their wayward ways (Libertines et al.) and hedonistic image, this London quartet just get on with the job at hand.

The job at hand in this case is writing infectious melodies and choppy guitar rhythms over groove heavy bass lines and a steady beat. They combine modish chops with punk swagger, indie cool with pop accessibility and, in the case of Living In A Goldmine, paint wonderfully scenarios through these backstreet narratives. If punk was built on what you stood against and mod on narcissistic self aggrandisement, Renatta Jane find another way, a more fun and positive way, one which hustles and hassles with a street edge but is still as infectious as hell. The result is nothing less than a really well fashioned and effortlessly cool tune.

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