Relly Cole – Letter to my Ex: A Soundscape of Ambiently Electric Trap & Melancholic Soul

We’ve all been there post-break up where we feel compelled to spit spite at our ex’s and let them know just what they walked away from. Now, we don’t need to. We can just listen to Relly Cole’s cathartic new Soul Trap mix Letter to my Ex. Toledo, US Rapper and all round musical enigma Relly Cole has an outstandingly resonant style which he uses to pour his lyrics through to create a hauntingly melancholic track. Yet the Trap melody that tentatively fills this soundscape with ambiently electric sounds that creates an uplifting aural alchemy to this melancholic Soul Trap track. Letter to my Ex is the perfect addition to any break-up playlist. I’m not the only one that has them, right?

You can head over to SoundCloud and check out Letter to my Ex which was released in February 2018 now.

Connect with Relly Cole on Twitter and keep up with his new Soulful drops and watch him climb the charts.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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