Relive your Bitter-Sweet Youth with the Clause’s Single “Sixteen”

The Arctic Monkeys may have told us years ago that you’re not 19 forever, but now it’s time for The Clause to give us another reminder of our youth which has slipped away with their single “Sixteen”. The Clause managed to perfectly capture the naivety and awkwardness which felt like home as a 16-year-old in their offering of anthemic Indie. Sixteen is also effective when it come to inciting nostalgia for the time when Indie artists still had a little swagger behind their sound.

Despite how much swagger was poured into Sixteen, the track is accessible as Indie tracks come thanks to the big choruses which are made to move a dancefloor. Any fans of Strokes, Libertines, Pigeon Detective, and the Blinders are sure to appreciate what the Birmingham-based fourpiece have cooked up with Sixteen.

You can check out Sixteen by The Clause for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.

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