Reformed Skin 17 entertain us with Punk rock ”Euro Beats”

Skin 17 is the music of singer Andrew Cockburn and were first formed in Scotland in 2001. The band were soon in Japan and proved to be a popular act. Then everything stopped and everyone thought that the story was over.

The band have been on hiatus for 7 years but are now back in force. Reformed in London this year and with the new album ‘The Great Loneliness‘ out 2020, this could be a big year for Skin 17. They are raw and edgy, their music blares from the speakers with intoxicating energy. You can feel the power and hunger in the music. This is a band on a mission as they know they belong together. Skin 17 are back and they love it.

Euro Beats” from Skin 17 feels like they are just itching to play live all over Europe. Who blames them? With their energy and loyal fan base, they will be a hot band wherever they go.

Stream this new track right here on their Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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