Red Vinci – LMLU: Sensually Ambiguous Irish R&B (Ladies, You’re Going To Want To Pay Attention)

The Orion Tape by Red Vinci

Ever heard Irish R&B before?

Yeah, me neither.

Until I had the upmost pleasure of stumbling upon the sensual sounds of Red Vinci.

LMLU was Red Vinci’s smash hit of a single off his debut album The Orion Tape which was dropped in May 2017. How this mesmerising track by the Dublin based artist isn’t already blaring on my radio Is absolutely beyond me. The singer uses all of his iconic Irish charm to create an enticing sound that would frankly excite a nun.

His muted and restrained vocals almost tease his full passion that he pours into his sound which is combined with dark ambiguously beguiling piano sounds that are brought to life with the Nostalgic sound of 80’s Hip Hop. The lyrics are unequivocally aimed at the female R&B fans, which makes an amazing change from the phallocentric mixes of misogynist urban artists, to finally have a sonorous sound where women aren’t being audibly defiled.

If I’ve done Red Vinci’s sound justice, check out their single LMLU via BandCamp using the link below:

If you like what you hear, check out Red Vinci on Facebook and stay up to date with all his new releases & live events.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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