Rebel Kicks takes the existential weight off with their indie pop-rock track, ‘Floating’.

There’s no better breeding ground for power pop than NYC, as proven by the latest release, ‘Floating’, by Rebel Kicks. With similarities to evocative pop-rock outfits such as The Calling and Lifehouse, the brother-fronted duo welcomes you into a familiar soundscape before setting themselves apart with their angular indie jangle-pop guitar notes and the sincerity in their optimism.

Rebel Kicks’ tour plans may have been crushed by the pandemic, but they still endeavoured to lead their listeners to a brighter perspective after recognising the dangers of internal reflection. In short, Floating is an invitation to cut through the noise and reserve energy for positivity. It’s an invitation that you don’t get much of an option in accepting thanks to the infectious positivity.

Floating is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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