The Real Mr B Ft Xei Release “Devil’s Game” – The Perfect Blend Of Hip Hop And Soul

It’s not very common to find a song which features two distinctively different artists who manage to create just the right blend of stylistic elements into one track. “Devil’s Game” by The Real Mr B ft.Xei is an example of such a collaboration which works out so well. It is a rare discovery that not only delivers a strong message through the rap verses but also features sultry soulful adlibs and melodic phrases. With smooth female vocal harmonies in the background creating a vibe nostalgic of the Spooks’ “Karma Hotel” in combination with a chorus that is not only soulful and catchy but also melodically intriguing, Xei colourfully contrasts the rap verses with her authentic vocal tone and melodies

The song starts off with the catchy melodic chorus but a short instance later the rap verse comes in and grasps the listener’s attention even further. With a strong flow that is not lacking in expression, the delivery of these verses is on point and relatable to a lot of people who experienced being the underdog during particular life experiences. Apart from simply speaking about struggles the song also carries a very important and thought provoking message. “Someones God is another ones Devil” Emphasising this statement is also the second half of the song which features nothing but Xei’s sultry improvisational phrases, highlighting her unique vocal timbre while also providing a perfect contrast and balance with The Real Mr B’s rap verses.These two distinctive artists truly come together to form a Jin-Jang balance in music.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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