Read You Like a Book: MoonDreams Music dazzles beyond the lights on Only on the Dance Floor

Thrusting through the threatening shadows and falling rather profoundly into the night, MoonDreams Music reminds us where the dreams have been hiding this whole time with Only on the Dance Floor.

MoonDreams Music aka Susan Moss is a mesmerising pop singer-songwriter who fuses our imagination into the sky above on each performance.

Susan wrote all the music on the album, and co-wrote three of the songs with former MoonDreams partner and lyricist Donna Martin. Diamond Dreams was MoonDreams Music’s second release, a soft rock retro vibe tune. It’s one of her most popular and most streamed songs to date. Diamond Dreams was recorded and produced by Dean Bailin, award-winning guitarist and producer, who played on the Rupert Holmes 70’s hit, the Pina Colada song.” ~ MoonDreams Music

Seeing that instant romance and sensing the heart doing backflips, MoonDreams Music sends our spirits a wake-up call on this rather memorable track. Bringing back an old-school feel and delivering something rather extraordinary, we find a positively motivated artist who knows what she wants.

Only on the Dance Floor from the dynamic pop artist MoonDreams Music is a late-night slider for anyone who needs to get that rush of romance into their veins again. Pulsating with exuberance and dripping in desire, this is the type of song to turn up loud all night long.

When your heart tells you who to be with, everything changes forever.

Turn this up loud on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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