Raydell samples the truth

If R&B is built around sleekness and Hip-Hop comes from an edgier place then they find perfect union in Raydell’s musical creations. Make This Up, from his latest album The Sample, is a fine blend of rapped deliveries over a cool, restrained and hypnotic hip-hop groove with just enough soulful sass and dance floor vibe to bring the clubland R&b set on board.

If the single shows that Raydell knows how to pen the perfect commercial crossover song, the album as a whole really opens things up and proves that he can take his music in almost any direction he likes, rooted in the same core elements of soul, hip-hop and R&B but not afraid to push those sounds into fascinating new territories. Even in the crowded musical scene of his Philly base, Raydell is certainly one to watch.

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