Raul Gee Puts Elegance And Eloquence To Music

The difficulty of any act going into the studio is how you capture that live energy in the less expansive medium of the recording studio. Thankfully Raul Gee’s 77 bristles with slow burning intensity and confident deliveries, it tips a hat to classic artists of the past and yet points the way to a bright new future via engaging concepts and fresh ideas. The music is always busy, his fast flow, confident beats, trippy electronica and pulsing basses filling every corner of the track, but the production is such that everything seems to have enough room to breath.

But it is the balance of underground cool and commercial potential which is his greatest asset, chart accessible yet cultish enough for those who like to act as the movers and shakers and stay ahead of the curve, mass appeal yet walking with a select minority, that’s the real art and in that sense Gee is an elegant, not to mention eloquent artist.

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