Rapper Southpaw rips through the 9-5 life on ‘Grindin’

South Florida/Tallahassee rapper Southpaw is back with his new track called ‘Grindin‘.

Grindin‘ from Southpaw is a real-life journey about working the 9-5 life and wanting to do the best you can each day to do what you do. The lure of being a full time musician is always there but you know that you need to stay in the job the pay the bills right now. The struggles are real but you know that this is only a part of the whole journey of life.

I love the rap skills from the South Florida rapper who has a unique style and this video is a such a great listen. Southpaw punches in with Grindin‘. Anyone working from home now will relate to this video and I like the real look into the life with cereal and working on the roof. This is a fun track that shows this new rapper making his move in the game.

Stream this new track right here on YouTube.

Check out the Facebook page here to find out more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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