Rapper Jon Harris releases his single I don’t wanna hear it

Jon Harris releases ‘I don’t want to hear it’, a rather explicit and honest piece of music from the Rapper.

It’s safe to say that Jon is not afraid to say what he wants to as that is clear within this track, emphasising his point of the fact that so many people talk rubbish and he just doesn’t want to hear it.

It’s straight to the point and it’s such an intriguing piece to listen too. The vocals are smooth and stay at this fairly low-pitch tone, it’s a lot more slow compared to other Rap songs, but this is why it’s easier to listen too as you can hear each word Jon has to say clearly.

Jon Harris is the one to make honest music, talking about what he wants in a style he enjoys and that’s exactly why this track stands out.

You can listen to Jon Harris I don’t wanna hear it by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall

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