Rapper ALI releases his latest EP Spur of the Moment

Worcester County Rapper ALI embraces that old school Hip-Hop sound through his fourteen-track collection ‘Spur of the Moment’.

ALI sure knows how to create a killer beat to flow alongside his fast-pace smooth Rap, the first track has this clanking of what sounds like keys and this heart-pumping beat that overtakes as the words begin to flow. The rhythm in each piece is super upbeat, energetic and gives it this insanely catchy melody.

Each piece has its own signature sound that stands out, some using electronic style clapping and drum beats and some are a lot more explicit and in your face and the beat that pulses out signifies that.

This anthology is old school Hip-Hop at it’s finest, Ali infuses his love for it through his outstanding pieces of music and honestly, you’ve got to listen to delve into this one.

Listen to ALI’s EP Spur of the Moment by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

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