Rapper 1K Kee releases single Lose Control (Prod.Tonycoco)

‘’Lose Control (Prod.Tonycoco)’’ is the new single by Rapper 1K Kee it’s a mixture of Rap, RnB and Hip-Hop. Intertwining three different styles into a short yet very catchy track.

Some listeners prefer songs to be longer, some prefer it to be shorter, this one is the right length and it’s enough time to give the audience a real taster of just what 1K Kee has to offer. He’s someone that knows how to create a contagious beat, even if the lyrics are repetitive, the melody that goes alongside it completely tops it all off.

At the start it’s very much like a fast pace piano tune, then the drum beats come in, as the RnB elements take the lead, by adding in the effect of repeating what they say in a high-pitched animated tone, to give it that more electronic, remix feel.

Lose Control is one that shows the importance of sound and how well a certain melody can create something that will definitely be stuck in your head.

Check out Lose Control (Prod.Tonycoco) by 1K Kee for yourself by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Karley Myall

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