Rap Duo Sixteen and JSupreme Share Impressive Debut ‘Stack All Day’

Impressive Birmingham Rap duo Sixteen and JSupreme consisting of two brothers have shared their debut single ‘Stack All Day’. The single is the latest from the pair who have been heavily influenced by the growing UK rap scene is bursting with passion and power in every line. The lads were brought up in the Church and through their music they aim to make a fresher, cleaner take on the genre.
And with ‘Stack All Day’ they have succeeded in that mission. It has a strong melodic beat which has been created by A* student Sixteen who is currently studying music and hopes to put his obvious talents into major productions in the coming years. It’s hard to believe that this hugely impressive, quality production was created in the bedroom of Sixteen and JSupreme, such is its professional sound.
‘Stack All Day’ has thought provoking lyrics, clean lines, quality bars and a clever melodic hook and a bouncy bassline which acts as support to their standout rap lyrics. If you are on the lookout for some awesome new British rap talent, then Sixteen and JSupreme are the act for you. The scene is always on the lookout for fresh and exciting and talent and these brothers have created something that fans of rap will sit up and listen to.
With ‘Stack All Day’ they have created a quality track that has the potential to pique the interest of Indie and Mainstream fans such is its diversity.  Overall it’s a single that is authentic and rich in colour and has clean lines and a standout bassline, it’s a winner.

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