Rap artist Dapp3r G has made their debut with their firestorm of a Trap hit “Flesh Flow”


Breaking Hip Hop artist Dapp3r G dropped their firestorm of a debut “Flesh Flow” on April 10th. If you’re keen to keep track of the hottest urban talent, you’ll want Dapp3r G on your radar and your playlists right about now.

The rhythmically tight Rap bars find the perfect meter alongside the energetic yet undemanding beats which make Flesh Flow all too easy to sink into and find the groove. Flesh Flow may be sitting right on the contemporary Trap curve, but even fans of Old School Hip Hop will find plenty to love about the track. Their lyrical flex and ability to cook up atmospheric beats isn’t something we get to hear every day.

You can check out Dapp3r G’s single Flesh Flow for yourselves via Apple Music or YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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