Rand Bowman – How Will I Know: The Meaning Of Witty Songwriting


If you are someone who enjoys a good blend of reflective lyrics, a driving steady beat and some really juicy guitar lines and backgrounds, then this is the song for you.

Upon first pressing play the first few intro drum beats immediately grabbed my attention, but as the lyrics started floating above the swelling guitar riffs and the pulsing beat, I was completely immersed in this song, and soon sent into a reflective state. Rand Bowman’s ability to write lyrics which clearly question our behaviour and experience of peace proves what a brilliant songwriter he truly is. But needless to say, this is not all that this clever song has to offer.

With a hint of inspiration from some of the greats such as the Beatles and David Bowie, and a strong sense of artistic creativity, together with a clear determination to deliver a message, Rand Bowman has released a true gem. Apart from all of this, and a juicy guitar solo right in the middle of the tune, this song is particularly ear friendly and faithful to its tonality, allowing space for the message to resonate right through.

Oh and one more thing .. Bowman’s music is all self-produced, making it an even better showcase of his multitude of skills. Definitely worth a listen. Check it out now on Soundcloud!

Sarah Marie Bugeja

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