Rand Bowman – Happy: The Ultimate Feel-Good Pop Rock Hit


Whilst Rand Bowman’s music is generally up-vibe and psychedelically anthemic, his latest single “Happy” takes aural euphoria to a whole new level. With the professional musician’s timeless style his polished soundscapes would resonate no matter which era they were born in.

With his latest single which was released early October the artist’s unique blend of Pop and Rock come alive under the well-structured progressions of the guitar, whilst the notes are lifted even higher with the brass segments and piano melodies. Many artists try their hands at feel good music, yet, none quite manage to get that arresting ethereal effect which Rand Bowman has at his command. As ever, the production quality was flawlessly radio-ready, yet there’s a noticeable lack of effects over all of Bowman’s hits, instead, he relies on his raw authentic talent to create infectiously mesmeric singles.

You can check out Rand Bowman’s latest single Happy for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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