Rain God – F**k That: If Morrissey Made Hip Hop, It Would Sound A Bit Like This.

Rain God is no ordinary Hip Hop & Rap; he mixes together elements of Pop, Trap & Melodic to create his pioneering sound that went behind his latest single released in February 2018.

F**k That may seem like it would unfold of one of those overly aggressive shows of grandiosity that you’re treated to so often in the Hip Hop arena, but that couldn’t be further from the truth in this sound. The resonance behind the melodic trap beat echoes in the background of Rain God’s melancholic vocals. Having said that, it’s a cathartic listening experience that would prove to be pretty pacifying if the track caught you in the right mood.

F**k That is just one of the singles off Rain God’s 2018 album Rainy Days, it’s clear that the Hip Hop Rap artist has no problem expressing his emotions, yet I’d love to hear in his future mixes a little bit of happiness, even if it’s not for my own sake.

So, if you’re feeling particularly angsty, you can check out F**k That on SoundCloud using this link:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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