Radiant Devices delivers electronic industrial rock hip-hop like you’ve never heard!

“Save Yourself” is an Electronic single from Radiant Devices. This track is a true melting pot of inspiration as it combines influences ranging from Electronica, Hip-Hop, Industrial, and Rock music. When you combine weird and trippy sounds with strong drum and bass grooves, dark vocal harmonies, strong lead vocals, and the occasional lead guitar playing octaves over a moving chord progression, you have a strong recipe for a mind opening (or mind altering experience).

Chicago-based Radiant Devices open the creative envelope in a strangely satisfying way with with “Save Yourself”. Upon first listen, you may not be entirely sure what it is that you are listening to, but give it a spin or two, and it finds an oddly satiating way to give your brain the mental workout that you may or may not have been desiring. The trippy sounds act as a hook, which grabs your ears at the core and drags you into the web. Once the full band kicks in, you find yourself entangled in this sonic web that simply will not let go, no matter how hard you may find yourself wanting to fight it.

“Save Yourself” is far from a typical Hip-Hop, Rap, Rock, or any other genre-style song. A unique listen that gives a glimpse into the underground, yet has such an appeal that casual music fans will find themselves joyfully partaking in the sonic stew.

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