A&R Factory Present: Rachel Foxx

With a debut EP that reached over 200k listens, a string of acclaimed singles and an intrigued interest from both the UK and overseas, London based artist Rachel Foxx returns with her mesmerising new single ‘Make You Say’.

Rich in sultry vocals, infectious melodies and an unforgettable chorus, ‘Make You Say’ is a captivating and sensual track that effortlessly showcases the talent of the young singer.

“Make You Say is about having fun, living your life and never taking things too serious. I was in a good place when I wrote it, its just how I felt at the time.”

Based in Hackney, London, the talented singer draws inspiration from singers such as Sade and Aaliyah whilst delivering a very modern twist on the genre.

With her new EP ‘Blue Moon’ and visuals to be released in the upcoming months, Rachel Foxx continues to deliver authentic and enduring music that her listeners have became so accustomed too.

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