Queens alternative artist Blazrdog packs more than a bite on OH

After two years of hard work and many late nights on the debut 8-track lyrically aware release, why not?, Blazrdog shows us why this was the lead single as the speakers are opened up like it was holiday time on OH.

Blazrdog is a Queens, New York-based indie alternative rock duo who love that old school sound of the late 90s post grunge era.

This could be the gimme-a-chance motto, which millions use as an anthem forever when you need some sleep after giving it your all. Blazrdog shows us that fortress which needs armour right now before all tumbles down like a deck of cards.

OH from Queens, New York-based indie alternative rock duo Blazrdog is the soundtrack to our new world and barks rather loudly here. The catchy beat stampedes though and shall take you on a whole new planet as the true rawness, drenched in honest passion, to send a ray of light out.

The point of all this you say? To help us all see better, of course.

Listen up sharp on this storming vibration inside Spotify and get involved via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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