PYRO AND THE LEXITRON – Toughen Up: Welcoming Riot Grrrl to the 21st Century

Ever get that feeling that you’ve just stumbled across something monumental?

It doesn’t happen much for me, but Pyro and the Lexitron are no ordinary band. Their guitar-driven anthemic attack of Riot Grrrl rhythm hit me like a tonne of bricks when I first checked out their debut track Toughen Up. The duet created a massive, raucous rolling sound with the effects on guitar and tight as they come drum rolls which were all tightly packaged together in a thrashing wrapping of synth sound. The track kicks off with a riff straight of Welcome to the Jungle, but PYRO AND THE LEXITRON follow up with rhythmic mix of Garage Punk Rock of the Stooges, mixed with the charming sensibility of Kathleen Hanna with her latest projects such as Julie Ruin.

I have honestly worshiped pretty much every noteworthy Riot Grrrl band under the sun, yet, I have never happened across such a pioneering sound that pertains to that genre.

The music video to Toughen Up is just as amazingly futuristic as Pyro and the Lexitron’s Garage Punk sound, you can check it out over on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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