Put Your Self-Worth in Check with Jaonere’s Standout RnB Soul Single “Hopeless”

For a track with such a pessimistic title, Jaonere’s single Hopeless serves up some seriously accordant soul.

The melodically mellow RnB Soul single invites you to slip into the artist’s introspection surrounding their self-worth. And it may inspire you to pontificate on your own. But don’t worry, there’s very little chance of slipping into an existential hole as you listen to the deeply romantic single unfold.

The magnetic grip of the vocal melodies in Hopeless isn’t something that we come across all too often. Neither is the sincerity in the vocal delivery. The London-based singer-songwriter may deliver soulful retro vibes through his music, but you’ll only need to hit play on Hopeless to affirm just how much commercial potential lingers in his sound.

You can check out Jaonere’s single Hopeless along with the rest of his 2020 album All We Have Is Now via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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