Purple Corporation – We Can No Longer Take It: The Synth Track Which Would Definitely Get Attenborough’s Approval

I’ve finally found a track which exudes as much existential fear as I do on a daily basis. Chicago-based artist Purple Corporation has offered an incredibly unique sense of catharsis with their latest single “We Can No Longer Take It”. Sure, there are already plenty of climate change protest songs on the airwaves, but Bono and Sting can take a backseat for this incredibly endearing track.

The lyrics may allude to the fact that the planet is suffocating on corporate greed and that will inevitably make the planet inhabitable for us and every other creature which is unlucky to share it with us. But with such a heavy sentiment sat against a playfully quaint soundscape, you’re left sobered, yet somehow simultaneously uplifted. You have to applaud Purple Corporation on creating a track which eases the mental burden which comes from knowing that your own species is raping the planet and acts as a call to action through robotically sonic synths and vibrant keyboard melodies.

You can check out Purple Corporation’s latest single We Can No Longer Take It for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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