Pull Me To The Surface: The Fiddle Revolt ask to be lifted out of the machine on ‘Breakdown’

Somehow fusing a soothing waterfall of tasty funk, soul, blues, RnB, pop and reggae, into the mixing bowl of goodness for our malnourished music palate, The Fiddle Revolt, are back into our anxiously curious lives to fill the growling stomach with their latest single called ‘Breakdown‘.

Akron, Ohio five-piece multi-genre act The Fiddle Revolt, are a specially-sauced indie band with so many influences in their souls, you ride a wave of knowledgeable euphoria when you turn them up real loud.

This is the intense story about how it feels when you are stuck in a place you know you need to get out of, as your body caves in tiredly and you feel desperately disillusioned in this wild world of constant replication, that doesn’t seem to make any sense. A re-connection of the mind is solely needed to find yourself as you look for purpose, far away from the sticky midst that makes you feel so lost and scarily gloomy.

Their smartly constructed barrage of dazzling sounds is forceful but never too much, the solos are appealingly electric and make with hand-crafted precision, with satisfying vocals that make you feel relaxed and that wonderful violin jolt-to-the-veins, that puts you quickly into a new world around you, far up and over the wild ocean wave that threatens to drag you in and spin you around underwater the dirty water, like a powerful underwater current in the sea full of ferocious jellyfish, that just won’t let you go.

Breakdown‘ from Ohio’s incredible indie fusion band The Fiddle Revolt, catches you in your healing soul where it counts with their signature authentic style, that smiles in your face to give you hope in these dark times. Starting again and pursuing that self-motivation to elevate above, is the only way to live and love after all.

Hear the track here and see more about their adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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