Psilosapiens – We Are: A Mesmerizingly Progressive Offering of Genre Defiance

To make their debut Psilosapiens cooked up a mesmerizingly smooth single which stands as a testament to their emotively intellectual style.

While the intro to “We Are” may leave you with the impression that you’re about to sink into a psychedelically smooth Indie soundscape the bridge is waiting to show you just how wrong you were.

Once the track kicks into verse, the melodic Jangle Pop guitar-driven instrumental arrangement is accompanied by relentless Rap versing before mixing it up once more with sonorously soulful female vocals which carry unapologetic attitude.

There’s plenty of progression in the extended track which seamlessly switches between different soundscapes. Yet, one thing that remains as a constant is the lucidity of the compelling arrangements which will leave you on pins wondering how We Are will evolve next. Spoiler; you’ll never be disappointed.

You can check out the debut track by Psilosapiens by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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