PRTYFOUL. – Know The Name: Hard-Hitting Trap Rap Dubstep

It was only natural for the most acclaimed music genre of the first half of the decade -call me EDM- and the most acclaimed one of the second half -call me trap rap- to eventually meet and combine their dynamics. This is what acts like PRTYFOUL. do.

PRTYFOUL. is comprised of music producers HAIKI and NoBveno. With their new sonic blast called “Know The Name” this is what they achieve: This is an explosive marriage of trap rap and dubstep. The song also features rapper Jacky X, whose fast and intricate flows bring a lot to the table during the verses. There is no chorus but a volcanic, eruptive dubstep drop that is delicious. There is a vivid tendency to headbang to this one.

I find this “marriage” of genres if you will, a fairly interesting case. And let us not sleep on the potential for some serious mainstream success that lies here.

This is a hard-hitting track for all you new-age headbangers. Listen to it here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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