Project Redshift Release Pumping Rock Tune “Sanity Catches”

Project Redshift are a UK based three piece rock band with experience on stage through an extensive series of gigs but their music is not only impressing people in live shows. Their freshly released debut single is spreading Project Redshift energised nature across the world. With driving guitar riffs, tom filled drum beats and a very memorable chorus “Sanity Catches” is a rock tune which is not only suitable for rock lovers but for a wide and vast audience.

One of the things which were particularly striking when listening to the song was the great placement of triplets and heavy accents throughout, which provide temporary rhythmic shifts that grasp the attention and pull the listener even more. Apart from the interesting rhythmic texture going on, the vocal melodies are also quite striking. The melodies and vocal tone not only make a very catchy chorus but also project a very subtle hint of bluesy influences along the way. The energy that these guys have is evidently not only striking and impressive on stage but also in recording, proving that their potential is flourishing and that Project Redshift will definitely keep growing along with its unique and characteristic sound.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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