Profyt – Mayor Of New York – Keeping it real in the face of political disappointment

Hip hop is an art form, whether dark or light in nature, that consists of music made from internal dialogues, wrapped around minimal beats, delivered by prophets bent on raising awareness for causes they want us to wake up to.

The genre typically consists of lyricists telling intricate tales, through the use of street poetry, expelled with barely a breath taken between each line. They tend to throw, with passion you’d expect from educated scholars, judgment on conduct we swallow as excepted behaviour.

Profyt’s dissatisfaction with how his city has changed, been tainted by bureaucracy, is clear throughout Mayor of New York. He makes it obvious that deception, lies told by state officials, have made him start loathing a city he’s relied on for inspiration.

There’s an obvious need for escape, a desire to leave one frame of mind for another, coming from an artist whose displeasure at being deceived has left him struggling with insomnia.

This track is an important piece of writing because it makes you empathise, on a human level, with someone who has been adversely effected by having their faith shaken by individuals trusted to distribute law and order.

Reality and connection to self are clearly what make this artist feel alive. Thus, one can only hope he finds a way to live with how things are while continuing to share his observations.

Review By Lisa Knight

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