Produced by YTZ Records, The Get Back is the latest effort by Aykay & Fatboy

In a slightly old-school kind of atmosphere, The Get Back is the latest effort by Aykay & Fatboy produced by YTZ Records.

Coming in at only 2:34 and leading in with that opening classic piano melody we’ve often heard in similar acts, the track presents a cleverly minimalistic sound with skinny beats and attenuated synths that gently interlace and build a placid loop. Rap bars and vocal overdubs interact in a rhythmic exchange, producing a consistently chill flow.

Nobody argues against a magic touch of authenticity as the style of the track swings between a 90’s rap vibe and contemporary hip hop beats, a combination that many of the current major acts look forward to and try to recreate. It’s the sort of vintage rap that gives out good vibrations besides explicit content or excessive percussive sounds. This demonstrates that Aykay & Fatboy know their way into the music scene, and they’ll certainly get back with more successful projects.

Head over to Youtube and hit play on The Get Back.

Review by Jim Esposito.

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