Princey – And This Happens: Experimentally Immersive Lo Fi Hip Hop Electronica

Every now and again you’ll stumble across a new Electronica artist whose sound pushes through the constraints and expectations of the genre as it finds new ways of creating sticky-sweet transiently subtle melodies and new ways to immerse you in raw and reflective soundscapes.

Princey has proven with his single “And This Happens” which is just one of the tracks from his latest project “FIRST LIGHT” that he has the prodigally ambient flair to take his Lo Fi Hip Hop Electronica to the next level. The amount of mesmerism which And This Happens contains stands as a testament to Princey’s talent anyone with a penchant of experimental ambience are sure to find themselves quickly enamoured with his distinctive production style.

Using samples can always be a risky move, but the way in which Princey incorporated them into the structures of his sound was nothing short of genius. For And This Happens he took an iconic speech from one of the most well-known movies of all time and poured effects over the samples to make them fit synergistically with the beat.

You can check out Princey’s latest single And This Happens for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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