Prince TY ft JB Schofield – Money: Light & Breezy R&B-Infused Trap

“Money” is the latest intricately immersive new single from up and coming R&B Hip Hop artist Prince TY. To make the track that little bit sweeter he hooked up with fellow artist JB Schofield, together their talents combined to create a raw and textured soundscape which unfolds like no other we’ve heard.

Along with the light and breezy R&B vocals which run through with the perfect pinch of reverb to fit in with the melody of the beat, there’s also the addition of Jazz-style piano in the background. The multi-layered beat is sure to be appreciated by the audiophiles who will find the ingenuity of the light and trickling piano melody meeting with the kicks of the 808’s.

The latest single by Prince TY which dropped in November 2018 may be short and sweet, yet, there’s no forgetting the smooth alchemy he cooked up with Money. Which is why we have placed Prince TY firmly on our radar for 2019

You can check out Money for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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