PRIMAL – Running Wild: Seductively Bluesy Alt Rock

The Jim Jones insanity is all over the sludgey masterpiece of a new release by PRIMAL. Running Wild is just one of the stunning tracks from their 2018 new release Heart & Soul.

Whilst the collective’s dirty riffs flirt with the Rock genre there is so much more to the sound. Their eccentric orchestration incorporates such bluesy riffs you’d swear they were born out of some oppressively hot American landscape, the last place you’d expect them to hail from is Derbyshire in the UK. After only forming in 2017, the trio of seriously seductively talented artists have already found their style and they’re running with it. Their rhythmic fury may not carry an archetypal style of melody that you’ll find it easy to compare with other artists. Yet, none of the tracks on the album would be out of place on a Sons of Anarchy Soundtrack.

You can check out Running Wild alongside the other stunning tracks from PRIMAL’s 2018 5-track EP via Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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