Prez – Love Tonight: The Ultimate EDM Genre Mash

Prez’s latest EDM drop Love Tonight is a globally inspired, romantically hard-wired track which fuses dance floor euphoria with the sultry soundscapes of R&B. The tentatively slow pacing of Love Tonight provides the perfect level of ambience around the hype and kick of the 800 beats as they create a solid level for Prez to lay down his vocals upon.

Vocally, the track could have been stronger but there’s no disputing whether Prez’s voice is evocatively powerful, yet, in parts the vocals were allowed to bleed into the track a little too much for you to keep full attention and keep up with the lyrics. However, with a beat so lucidly cathartic, that is hardly a crime. Love Tonight is packed with plenty of inviting harmony which has got me psyched to hear what Prez cooks up next with his inventive genre-mashing aural offerings.

You can check out Prez’s latest single Love Tonight which was released in July 2018 by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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