Prepare to Be Enamoured by Joe Banks’ Perfect Alt Pop Hit “Chase the Daylight Away”

With euphoria at his captivatingly deft command, Newcastle Upon Tyne-based Alt Pop artist Joe Banks created an instant hit with his latest single “Chase the Daylight Away”.

While everyone will undoubtedly have a different definition of the ‘perfect Pop track’, for me, it will always be a track which acts as a magnet to the personality of the lyricist and vocalist which makes the melodies even more arrestive.

But don’t expect your average Pop beats from Chase the Daylight Away, Joe Banks mixed his distinctively quaint vocals with a smorgasbord of Pop, Dance, Disco & R&B. It’s the layers of club influences which takes the single to the next level and brings the formidable amounts of rapture. While the lyrics have plenty of depth, but they are left open enough that they could easily become the soundtrack to your own hedonism.

You can check out Joe Banks’ latest single Chase the Daylight Away for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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