Prepare for ‘Turbulence’ in Jae Cabrera’s latest soulful RnB stormer

Singer-songwriter Jae Cabrera is the US artist responsible for bringing a Portishead-level of cool to contemporary RnB Pop. His latest single ‘Turbulence’ drafts dark, stormy tones into the dream pop-esque production that allows neo-classic keys to stab through the accordance.

When he hits the highs with his soft yet sonorous vocal timbre, you’re practically welcomed into an aural utopia. Turbulence seriously sets the bar for artists wanting to put a contemporary spin on RnB. It’s an evocative whirlwind which recreates that all too relatable feeling of mental instability while possessing a roots-deep unapologetic expression of passion.

Turbulence is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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